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Ref:     1. G.O.Ms.No.188, HM&FW (D1) dated.15.07.2022.

2. G.O.Ms.No.199, HM&FW (A1)   dept. dt: 30.07.2022.

3. G.O.Ms.No.49, HM&FW (D) dated.21.03.2022.

4. G.O.Ms.No.436, GA (Services D), dated.15.10.1996.

5. G.O.Ms.No.674, GA (SPF.A) Dept. dated.28.10.1975 read with G.O.P No.763, GA (SPF.A) Dept. dated.15.11.1975  & G.O.Ms.No.8 GA (SPF.A)Dept. dated.08.01.2002 read with GO.MS.No.124 GA(SPF.A) Dept, dt.07.03.2002.

6. G.O.Rt.No.211, HM&FW (B2) dated.08.05.2021 read with G.O.Rt.No.7,  HM&FW

(B2) dated.06.01.2022.

7. G.O.Ms.No.2,  Department  for WCDA  & SC  (Prog.II) dated.19.02.2020 read with memo no. HMF01/404/D1/2021, dated.08.10.2021 of HM&FW (D1) Dept.

8. G.O.Ms.No.63, GA (Ser-D) Dept, dt: 17.04.2018

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15. G.O.Ms.No.19 Department for WCDA & SC (Prog.II), dated.02.08.2021.

16. G.O.Ms.Nos.165 to 178 HM&FW (D1) dept. dt: 01.07.2022.


1. Availability  of  application:  Online  applications  are invited  from the  eligible candidates   for  recruitment   to  the  vacancies   in  the   category   of “CAS- specialist” in various specialties in APVVP Hospitals on “regular basis”.

a. The    proforma    application     will     be    available     on    the    portal ( from 12:01  AM of  12.08.2022  to 11:59  PM of 26.08.2022.

b. Last Date for submission of online applications is 11:59 PM of 26.08.2022.

c.  The information is available on &

Para.1 : General Informatio

a. Vacancies  : The  No.of vacancies  is  provisional  and  likely to  increase  or decrease as per the need of  the department. The vacancies  anticipated  up to

01.08.2023 are also included  in the  number  of  vacancies in addition to the vacancies existing  as of now. Appointment orders will be issued to the extent of  vacancies available as on the date of  counseling for issuing appointment orders.

b. Pay and allowances

i.       Scale   of   Pay: 61960-1700-65360-1830-70850-1960-76730-2090-83000-
130580-3320-140540-3610-151370  and  other  allowances    as  admissible under the rules in force from time to time.
ii.       The specialist  doctors  posted  in the  hospitals  located  in tribal  areas will  be
paid    50%   of    enhanced   salaries    as   per  the   provisions    contained    in
G.O.Ms.No.49, HM&FW (D) dated.21.03.2022 .
iii.       “Probation” will be declared as per rules in vogue.
iv.       Candidates Selected and appointed are barred from doing private Practice.

a. Candidates  must have passed  PG  Degree / Diploma  / DNB  in  that particular   specialty   or  its   equivalent   qualification   included   in  the schedule –I of the  MCI Act, 1956 as amended from time to time from a college recognized by  the  Medical Council of India.
b.   Candidates    must   be   registered    with any State   Medical   Council constituted under MCI Act as applicable.  If the candidate  gets selected in this notification, he/ she should obtain registration under AP State Medical Council before  reporting to duty.
Upper age  limit is  42 years. Age will  be reckoned as on 01-07-2022 with the relaxations as applicable.
Relaxation will be as follows:-
i.       For SC, ST, BC  and E W S : 05 (Five years).
ii.       For ex-service Men: 03 (Three) years  in addition to the length of service in armed  forces.
iii.       For Physically Challenged persons: 10 (Ten) years.
1.For OC & BC  candidates: Rs.500/-.
2.SC/ST/  Ex-Service  men &  Differently  abled  persons are  exempted from payment of fees.
Method  of  Payment:  Candidates  shall  pay  online  which  is   enabled   in  the online  application  in the  recruitment  portal  (  upto 11:59
PM of 26.08.2022.
a. Applicable  as  per  Rule 22  of  AP  State and Subordinate  Services  Rules  and relevant  instructions  issued  from time  to time.  Community  Certificate  issued by       the     competent    authority      in     terms      of        G.O.Ms.No.        58; SW(J) Deptt.,  dt: 12-05-1997.
(Candidates   belonging   to  BCs,   SCs  &  STs    of   other States     are     not entitled for reservations).
b. Applicable  to woman as per General  Rule 22-A(G.O.Ms.No.41,  WD&CW(Estt) Dept., dated 01.08.1996, GO  Ms  No.63, GA(Ser-D)  Dept, dt: 17.04.2018 & instructions issued from time to time.
c.  Applicable  to differently  abled  with  locomotor  disability   as per G.O.Ms.No.2
Department      of         WCDA&SC(Prog.II)         Dt:19.02.2020         read      with
Memo.No.HMF01/104/D1/2021,   HM& FW (D1) Dept, dated:08.10.2021.
d. Reservations  for  economically  weaker sections  will  be as per GOMs.No.73
GA(Services-D) dept. dt:04.08.2021.
e. Reservations for ex-servicemen are applicable as per rules in force.
f.   Zonal representation will be followed in respect of local candidates   as per GO Ms No  674; GA (SPF.A) Dept, dt 28.10.1975, GO  P No.763 GA.(SPF.A) Dept dated 15.11.1975 read with GO  Ms No  124, GA (SPF-A)Dept dt. 07.03.2002, instructions    issued    vide    Govt.  memo.No.1585/D1/2014    of    HM&FW   (D) 
department,  dated  18.08.2014 and instructions  issued  from time  to time. This   local   reservation   is   only   for   providing   zonal   representation.   The candidates will be posted  in any vacancy in the state as this is a State cadre post. The territorial Jurisdiction of Districts and Zones  is determined as  per the  erstwhile districts, before  restructuring  of   districts.    Local status will  be determined  as per the Study Certificates  from class  IV to  X from the school where the candidate studied. In case of  private study, local candidature will be determined as per the residence certificate issued by  the competent authority  in Form Appendix  I (certificate  of  residence  prescribed vide    Sub   clause    (ii)    of    clause    (a)   of    para   7   of    the   Presidential Order)  certificate               for           that            particular               7           years period     preceding     to    the    year    of    passing     X     class,  issued  by   the competent authority  (proforma is  herewith  enclosed).  Candidates  migrated from Telangana  shall  submit  certificate  of  Local  candidature  as per GO  No
132 &  133 dt: 13.06.2017. In the absence of  the suitable  certificate,  the
candidate will be considered as non local and not eligible for appointment. g. Constitution of zones :-

h.  This  local  reservation   is   only   for   providing   Zonal   representation.   The candidates  will be posted  in any vacancy in the State as this  is  a State Cadre post, as per G.Os. stated in the sub para I of this para.
i.    All are informed  that the various  conditions  and criterion  prescribed  herein
are  Governed by   the General  rules  of  A.P.  State and Subordinate  Service Rules, 1996  read  with the  relevant specific rules applicable to any particular service  in the Departments, any guidelines  or clarification  is  based  on the said  rules,  and in case  of  any necessity,  any matter will be processed as per the relevant general and special rules as in force.
a.  Total Marks: 100
b.  65% will  be allocated  for aggregate  of  marks obtained  in all the  years  in
P.G.Diploma or any other equivalent qualification.
c.  In  addition   10%  will   be  allocated   for  P.G.  Degree   /DNB/   Equivalent qualification.
d. Weightage  up to 10 marks @  1.0 mark per completed  year after  acquiring requisite  Qualification.  Weightage  will be reckoned up to the date of  issue  of notification.
e. Weightage  up to 15% will  be given  to the candidates   working  / worked on Contract/  Outsourcing  / Honorarium  basis  including  COVID-19  service  as shown below subject to their satisfactory service certified by  the competent authority,  as per GO  RT NO  211, HM& FW(B2) Dept.,  Dt:08.05.2021,  GO  Rt No.573 HM&FW(B2) dept. dt.01.11.2021 and GO  Rt No.07 HM&FW(B2) dept. Dt.06.01.2022, 3740784/B2/2020 of HM&FW (B2) Dept., dt.14.02.2022 & read with  circular  no. 03/CHFW/2022,  dated.11.02.2022 of the Commissioner  of  Health  & Family Welfare,  A.P.    If any individual worked less  than   six  months   for  COVID,  the  weightage  shall  be  0.8  marks  per completed month will be awarded.

Weightage    to    contract    service    based    on    working    area: (i)         @        2.5.       marks        per       six       months        in       Tribal      Area (ii)         @        2.0      marks      per      six         months        in       Rural       Area (iii) @ 1.0 mark per six months  in urban areas
(iv)  No  weightage  will be given  for the services  less  than six  months for non-
covid service.
(V) Spells of services rendered will also be considered. 
f.   The Medical Officers  who  worked  on  contract/outsourcing/honorarium  basis and discontinued for administrative reasons i.e. for want of  vacancy will  be eligible for contract  weightage.
g. Maximum   weightage   for  Government   service   rendered  on  contract  /out sourcing /Honorarium  basis  in Tribal/Rural/Urban  areas including COVID-19 duties is 15%.
h. The   COVID-19  weightage   shall   be  applicable   only  to  the  persons  who
have been formally  appointed  by  a competent authority authorized under the relevant  covid  orders/GOs  and are  appointed  by   District  Collector  or  any other competent authority  based on orders issued  by  Government from time to  time   and  certified   by   the  controlling   officers   (DMHO   / DCHS/Superintendent  of  GGH) to that  effect as  per  GO  RT  NO  211, HM& FW(B2)   Dept.,     Dt:08.05.2021,     GO     Rt    No.573    HM&FW(B2)     dept. dt.01.11.2021 and GO  Rt No.07  HM&FW(B2)  dept. Dt.06.01.2022,  3740784/B2/2020  of  HM&FW  (B2)  Dept., dt.14.02.2022  & read with circular no. 03/CHFW/2022, dated.11.02.2022 of the Commissioner of  Health  &  Family  Welfare,  A.P.   COVID  weightage  will  be considered  to those  who submits  appointment  order  for COVID-19 management, Monthly attendance certificates and Bank statements indicating payment of  monthly remuneration along with COVID weightage service certificate.
i.    Contract service  will  be reckoned up to the date of  notification  as per Govt.
Memo no.4274/D1/2013, HM&FW (D1) Dept., dt.10.07.2014.
Note:  Candidates   must  submit  clear,  visible and  “self  attested”
copies of the documents from a to k of para 7.
a. SSC  or its equivalent certificate (for date of birth).
b.  Degree certificate of P.G.Degree /Diploma/DNB/or equivalent qualification.
c.  Marks   memos  of   all  years   of   P.G.Degree  /Diploma/DNB/   or  equivalent qualification.  It is  the responsibility  of  the candidate  to obtain  and submit marks memos from the competent authorities where ever grades instead of marks are issued.  In the absence of  marks memos, marks will be calculated as per Govt. Memo.No.1600559/D/2022 HM&FW (D) dept. dt.22.03.2022.
d. Valid certificate  of  registration  in any State Medical Council constituted  under
the  MCI Act.
e.  Study Certificates  from class  IV to  X from the school  where the candidate studied.   In  case  of   private   study,   local  candidature   certificate   for  that particular   7  years  period   preceeding   to  the  year  of   passing   X   class, from the  competent  authority  in Form  Appendix-I  (certificate  of  residence prescribed  vide  Sub clause  (ii)  of  clause  (a) of  para 7 of  the Presidential Order) (proforma is herewith enclosed). Candidates migrated from Telangana shall  submit  certificate  of   Local  candidature  as  per  GO   No   132  &  133 dt:13.06.2017.  In the absence of  the suitable  certificate,  the candidate  will be considered as non local and not eligible for appointment.
f.   Copy of   valid  caste   certificate.   In case  of   non  submission   of   valid  caste
certificate, the candidate will be considered as OC.
g. Latest   EWS    (Economically   weaker    sections)   certificate   issued   by    the competent  authority   in  case   of   the  EWS    categories   in  the   prescribed proforma.
h. Certificate of disability issued in SADAREM in case of differently abled.
i.   Service  certificate  from the  controlling  officer  concerned   (DM&HO/DCHS/ Superintendent   of   GGH   / Any  competent  authority   who  appointed   the applicant)  for claiming  weightage  for Contract/outsourcing/honorary  basis,  in the  absence  of   which  the   candidate   will   not  be  given   any  weightage (proforma is herewith enclosed). The service certificates obtained earlier are valid.  If additional period of  service rendered by  the applicant subsequently, fresh certificate to that  effect only shall be obtained and enclosed.
j.  Valid  service   certificate   in  case   of   candidates   claiming   Ex   Service   men
reservation/age relaxation. 
k.  Candidates  who have been working  on regular/consolidated  pay basis  shall submit  No  Objection  Certificate  (NOC) from the controlling  officer concerned along with the application.
a. undergoing P G / Super Specialty course are advised not to apply. Permission will  not be  given  to  continue  their  PG/Super  Specialty  course  under  any circumstances, if selected.
b. Selected    candidates    will   be  posted  to  any  medical    institution    as  per
requirement of the department.
c.  if selected, he/she should stay at the bonafide Head Quarters compulsorily. If selected  during  this  recruitment,  the candidate  will  not be allowed  to  do Private Practice under any circumstances.
d. selected  and appointed  should  be abide  by   the Government rules  in force
regularly from time to time.
e. Candidates  are advised  to follow  and  from time to time for further information.
a. Candidates  should  make sure of  their  eligibility to the  post  applied  for and that the declaration  made by   them  in the  format  of  application  regarding their  eligibility in all aspects. Any candidate  furnishing  in-correct  information or  making  false  declaration  regarding  his/her  eligibility  at  any stage  or suppressing   any  information   is   liable   to  be  debarred  from  recruitment conducted by  the department and summarily  rejection  of  their  candidature for this recruitment & future recruitments.
b.  The department is  vested with  duty of  conducting  recruitment  and selection as  per  rules  duly  maintaining  utmost  secrecy  and  confidentiality  in  this progress and any attempt  by  any one causing  or likely to  cause  breach  of this  duty  in such manner or such action  as to violate  or likely to violate  the fair  practices  followed and ensured by  the department will  be sufficient  for rendering such questionable means ground for debarment.
a.  The  decision  of   the  department regarding  acceptance  or  rejection  of   the candidature,  conduct of  counseling  and  at all consequent stages culminating in the  selection  or otherwise  of  any candidates  shall  be  final in all respects and binding  on all concerned under the powers vested with.  The department also reserves its right to alter and modify regarding terms and conditions laid down in the  notification  for conducting  the various  stages up to selection  or to withdraw   the notification  at any time  due to administrative  or unforeseen circumstances.
b.   All   desirous   and   eligible  candidates   shall   apply   online   after   satisfying
themselves  that  they  are  eligible  as  per  the  terms  and  conditions  of  this recruitment  notification.  Any application  sent through any mode other than the prescribed online mode will not be entertained under any circumstances. Submission  of  application  form by  the candidate  is  authentication  that he / she has read the notification and shall abide by  the terms and conditions laid down there under.






















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